1896.07.28_The New York Times – Greeks aiding Macedonians

1896.07.28_The New York Times - Greeks aiding Macedonians

The Rising- Against Turkey Assumes
Threateuin^ Proportions.
LONDON’, July 27.—Advices received hq/’o
are to the effect that the rising in Mace-
donia against the* Turkish authority is
rapidlʒ’ assuming a more than usually
threatening aspect, and * that the disaffec-
tion is spreading in Thessaly. A number of
Greeks have gone to the aid of the rebels
and have been received with much enthu-
siasm by the Macedonians.
A Revolutionary’ Committee at Larissa is
almost openly engaged In the work of en-
rolling volunteers fbr service in the rebel
The Porte charges that the Greek Gov-
ernment is conniving at the attempts of
the insurgents to overthrow Turkish rule
In Mecedonia, and that non-commissioned
officers and privates of th£ Greek Army
are among tho^e who are aiding the reb-
els. The Porte claims that these Greek
soldiers are joining the Macedonians in

Published: July 28, 1896
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