1899.04.23_The Morning Record – The crisis in the Balkan States

1899.04.23_The Morning Record - The crisis in the Balkan States

The accompanying map will show the seat of the present trouble in the Balkans. The shaded potitions on the map show the territory that is still under Turkish rule. Bulgaria and the other Balkan states which are now making things hot for the sublime porte remain under the suzerainty of the sultan, but are anxious to throw off the Turkish yoke. Serbia is an independent kingdom and does not pay tribute, but Austria still hands over an annual stipend for the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she has long nursed the desire to extend her territory to the Aegean sea, so that Salonica might be the southern terminus of one of her railways. Russia, however, which has interests in Montenegro, stands in the way of this scheme, and in the meantime the long oppressed Macedonians are making things lively on their own account.

You can see the territory of Macedonia in it’s etno geographical borders and it’s mayor cities Uskup (Skopje), Monastir (Bitola), Salonica (Tesalonica)

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