1903.11.07_The New York Times – Emperor aids Macedonians

1903.11.07_The New York Times - Emperor aids Macedonians

Francis Joseph Gives 10,000f. for the Refugees in Response to an Appeal by Princess Clementine.
London Times—New York Times Special Cablegram.
LONDON, Nov. 7.—The Sofia correspondent of The Times says Emperor Francis Joseph has given lθ,θθθf. in aid of the Macedonian refugees. The donation was in response to an appeal by Princess Clementine of Belgium, (Countess Lonyay, who was the wife of the late Crown Prince Kudolf,) and was accompanied by an autograph letter. The munificence of the Emperor is much appreciated in Sofia.
The Princess, who has been deeply touched by the sufferings of the unfortunate exiles, has addressed letters to several of her august relatives invoking aid and has contributed large sums from her private purse.
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