1886_James G. Minchin – ‘The Growth of Freedom in the Balkan Peninsula’

Вероучение - Поука 03

• Pg. 94 •

The language spoken by the majority of the tillers of
Macedonian soil is a Slav dialect, which is not Bulgarian… indeed
the Macedonian dialect is no more Bulgarian than the Croatian
dialect is Bulgarian, though Bulgarian and Croatian are both
unquestionably Slav dialects.

• Pg. 95 •

It is true that a Macedonian rarely speaks of himself as a Serb,
and this has misled even M. de Laveleye into speaking of all
Macedonians as Bulgarians.

• Pg. 220 •

Those, too, who have not lived in the East of Europe can
scarcely grasp the implicit faith which the peasants of the Greek
Church—be they Hellenes, Macedonians, or Montenegrins—
place in Russia as the Orthodox Power.