1905.02.20_The New York Times – Again slaying Macedonians

1905.02.20_The New York Times - Again slaying Macedonians

They believe outside the Balkan Peninsula that the Organization is some kind of a secret society of semipolitical bandits, a union of revolutionaries. It is, however, neither of the two.
The managing body of the Macedonian Organization is nothing other than the senate of a secret republic,, which is established inside the Turkish Empire and chosen by the people through national, but secret elections.
Within the heart of an administration which is already disintegrating, like the Turkish one, there began to appear from the bottom a perfect form of a political organization, as perfect in its branches, as may be that of a free republican people. In the Turkish Empire there is a Macedonian police, Macedonian tribunals, Macedonian militia, Macedonian schools and newspapers and a Macedonian mail. — all of this exists in spite of the great efforts of the Turkish Government to destroy it.
The insurrections have created the need of such an organization. The so-called town councils or committees choose their representatives, to join other representatives from other towns, so that they may work together. Almost the whole country has been encompassed. Then the closer towns form a region and elect a delegate, who meets the delegates from the other regional towns throughout Macedonia. The elected regional senators’*0’ represent the people as the Congress represents the American people. Accordingly, it would not be exaggerating to say that there are in Macedonia two different administrations. …“