Anastas Jankov

Anastas Jankov

•  1902  •

Macedonians! Remember the world’s winner, the great glory of
Macedonia, the great Alexander of Macedon; remember for the
brave King Samoil, the Macedonian giant, for the marvelous
Marko Kral, the Slavic glory, that Macedonian blood flowed
through them; those of heavenly heights watch and bless our
initiated work. To show worthy descendants of their
descendants: to preserve their glorious names and to amaze the
world with our courage, dexterity and self-sacrifice; to cut off
from us the shameful yoke that suffocates us for five centuries.


• 1903.12.01 “Stampa” •

I am not a Bulgarian, but a Macedonian and I wish for
Macedonia to have freedom and self-government. This is the
goal of all true Macedonians … We Macedonians are able to
raise an uprising in Macedonia to reassure the Great Powers that
have signed the Berlin Treaty that they should fulfill what they
have promised to Christians in European Turkey, but we are not
alone … We must especially hurry to do this before Serbia and
Bulgaria agree on Macedonia. This agreement, in my opinion,
would be fatal for the Macedonians, because Bulgaria and
Serbia, after they settle for our homeland, will divide Macedonia
and those parts will join their own states.

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