-0530~_Herodotus – ‘The Histories’, Perseus University Chicago

-0530~_Herodotus - 'The Histories', Perseus University Chicago

Херодот пренесува дека Александар I Македонски (Филхелен) од Спартанците бил сметан за барбарин и како туѓинец на кого Хелените не треба да му веруваат.


„8.142.1 So when Alexander had made an end of speaking, the envoys from Sparta said, “We on our part have been sent by the Lacedaemonians to entreat you to do nothing harmful to Hellas and accept no offer from the barbarian. That would be unjust and dishonorable for any Greek, but for you most of all, on many counts; it was you who stirred up this war, by no desire of ours, and your territory was first the stake of that battle in which all Hellas is now engaged.

8.142.3 Apart from that, it is unbearable that not all this alone but slavery too should be brought upon the Greeks by you Athenians, who have always been known as givers of freedom to many. Nevertheless, we grieve with you in your afflictions, seeing that you have lost two harvests and your substance has been for a long time wasted.

8.142.4 In requital for this the Lacedaemonians and their allies declare that they will nourish your women and all of your household members who are unserviceable for war, so long as this war will last. Let not Alexander the Macedonian win you with his smooth-tongued praise of Mardonius’ counsel. It is his business to follow that counsel,

8.142.5 for as he is a tyrant so must he be the tyrant’s fellow-worker; it is not your business, if you are men rightly minded, for you know that in foreigners there is no faith nor truth.” 


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