1923-1924_Colonel A.C. Corfe

1923-1924_Colonel A.C. Corfe

• 1923 •

‘They want to force us to become Greeks, in language, in
religion, in sentiment, in every way. We have served in the
Greek army and we have fought for them: now they insult us by
calling us ‘damned Bulgars’ … To my question, ‘What do you
want, an autonomous Macedonia or a Macedonia under
Bulgaria?’, the answer was generally the same: ‘We want good
administration. We are Macedonians, not Greeks or Bulgars.’


• 1924_Colonel Corfe on the common Macedonian peasant desires in Aegean Macedonia •

We are Macedonians, not Greeks or Bulgars. Give us a good
father and we will be good children. We don’t want bands of any
sort coming to our villages. We want to be left in peace.

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