1895.07.30_Evening News, p3, Sydney

The Macedonians are disposed to make matters as unpleasant as possible for their masters, the Turks. Such a mood has not been, indulged in, it is to be presumed, without some secret assurance that the Turks, if matters should come to the worst, would not be permitted to make it still more unpleasant for the Macedonians, as, doubtless, the Turks would be only too ready to do. The rumor, as will be seen, is that the disturbances in Macedonia have been incited, by Russian agents. Russian political agents are not wont to work in a motiveless way and to stir up revolts in a pure spirit of mischief. What, then, is likely to be the object of the machinations with which they are credited in the ancient kingdom of Philip and Alexander? Perhaps there is no immediate object at all — but that such things are done in pursuance of the general policy attributed to Russia in connection with the “sick man” — never to let him have a very easy time of it. .