1896.05.07_Adams County Union, (Corning Iowa) – Macedonians and Prodigals meet

„… Macedonians and Prodigals Meet. Monday evening at the home of Rev. and Mrs. W. O. Allon a pleasant and informal reception was given to the Macedonians and Prodigals. The Un-ion has heretofore explained that the Macedonians are a class of men in the M. E. Sabbath school, taught by Mrs. Allen. but it has never had knowledge before of the existence of a “prodigal“ class. This is a class of women, some of whom are wives of the Macedonians, and others who had before been roonj-bere of the school, hut who. prodigal like, had wandered from lho fold. They of late have fell the spirit-quickening power and have revived again under the tutorship of Mrs. R. Newcomb, )l was an evening profitably and enjoyably spent fldams county union.corning. Iowa. Ttiurs- …“