1897.02.06_The New York Times – Mr. Gladstone and the Balkan Confederation

„… Mu. Gladstone and the Balkan Confédéral TTON-—Tho Byron Society;, which is actively engaged in disseminating appeals  in Greece and Bulgaria to help the cause of the .Macedonians, has communicated io its agents a letter from Mr. Gladstone for distribution in the vernacular in! South-Eastern Europe. The society aims at inducing the Greek, Servian, and. Bulgarian Governments to come to an early agreement in reference to the Macedonian question. The letter i» as follows :—“ Hawarden Castle, Jan. 19, 18117. Hoar, Sir,—The hopelessness of the Turkish Government should make me witness with delight its being swept out of the countries which it tortures. Next to the Ottoman Government nothing can he more deplorable and blameworthy than jealousies between Greek and Slay and plans by the States already existing for appropriating other territory. Why not Macedonia for the Macedonians as well as Bulgaria for the Bulgarians and Servia for the Servians ? And if they are kɪl small and weak, let them bind themselves together for defence, so that they may not he scattered by others, either great or small, which would probably be the effect of their ‘quarrelling among themselves. Tour, very faithful, W.*E. Gladstone.”