1900.09.22_The London Times, p05 – The Macedonian Revolutionary Committee

(fhom oue own correspondent.) •
VIENNA, sɪpr. 21. ;
The resignation, of M. Natchevitch, the BuP garian Minister of Commerce, who was under*’ stood to favour -a more or less conciliatory attitude on the part of the Principality in the Kumano-Bulgarian conflict, would seem to imply that Prince Ferdinand and his other Ministers do not yet see their way or actually fear to deal summarily with the Macedonian. BevblutaonaiX Committee. It remains to he seen whether the startling revelations that are expected to ha made at the Bucharest trial next month vdH not compel them to modify their present policy. Meanwhile, emboldened by the impunity hitherto extended to it, the Macedonian committee has become the veritable mentor of the Government* while it «how’s little regard for the warning cC Austria-Hungary and Bussis. i .
The current number of the JRerue d’ Orient publishes a conversation which its editor has had at Sofia with M. Sarafcf, the president of the committee. He describes M. Sarafof a* being anything but ferocious in appearance. He is still quite a young man, under 30, by no means of unpleasant address or manner. He found him at the office of the organ of the party, the Ki/omi. . In the course of the interview M-Sarafof explained to him that the object which the Macedonian committee had- in view was the autonomy of Macedonia and of the province o< .Adri&nbhle in*oonformitx wɪththej^^