1902.03.31_The New York Times – Greeks betray Macedonians

Threatened Outbreak This Spring Will Probably Be Prevented—Montene-grans to Invade Turkey ?
London Times-New York Times Special Cablegram.
LONDON, March 31.—A dispatch to The Times from Athens says the grave situation in Macedonia and Albania causes considerable uneasiness. It is thought that the propaganda of the, Macedonian committee in Bulgaria is somewhat discredited among the wealthier classes, owing to the crimes and extortion connected with it. Still, the physical force party, which may be compared to the Fenian section of the Irish Nationalists, continues to follow the lead of exPresident Sarafof, who has planned a general rising of Christians in the com- : ɪng Spring.
The dispatch says that the overtures j made in Athens and Belgrade have not j been found tempting and that the Greeks : have disclosed the scheme to Turkey. This, in conjunction with the strong military precautions being taken, will probably prevent the threatened outbreak. Improvement, however, is impossible without reform, and the Sultan’s personal fears and the disunion of the European powers make the prospect of reform remote.

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