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Expressions of foreign celebrities in favor of Macedonian ethnogenesis.

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1941.12_Proclamation of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party

Macedonians! Today, as before, you have no political or cultural freedom. While the Serbian officials did not allow you to call yourselves Macedonians and persecuted those who disobeyed, now the Bulgarian fascists and chauvinists force you to call yourselves Macedonian…

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1906_H.N. Brailsford – ‘Macedonia; Its Races and Their Future’

• Pgs. 18-19 • The layman was an ardent Macedonian nationalist, rather distrustful of Bulgaria, and profoundly hostile to Russia. The description was good and accurate.   • Pg. 80 • Macedonia which revolts, which claims to be a unity…

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1905_Mary Durham – ‘The Burden of the Balkans

• Pg. 6 • Poor Georgie! He spoke a Slav dialect, and was possibly a mixture of all the races that have ever ruled the peninsula, and all he had gained was a Mauser ball through his right hand in…

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1922_Aleksandar Stamboliyski, Bulgarian Prime Minister

Who thinks about Macedonia? We Bulgarians do not talk about Macedonia, but others speak and think about it – they are the Macedonians themselves … Do not forget that Macedonians really are like the ‘Slavic Irish’ – in them the…

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1922_Ferdinand Schevill – ‘The History of the Balkan Peninsula’, Pg. 422.

These Slavs may properly be considered as a special Macedonian group, but since they were closely related to both Bulgars and Serbs and had, moreover, in the past been usually incorporated in either the Bulgar or Serb state, they inevitably…

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1919.07.29_L’Action Francaise

Because Macedonia is the reason for many troubles between Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, why wouldn’t we create an independent Macedonia? After all, the Macedonians do not recognize any nationality except Macedonian.

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1901_Les Reforms

The salvation of the Balkan peoples is in the autonomy of Macedonia. Macedonians want this autonomy because they see it as a solid guarantee for the peace, tranquility and fraternal life of the inhabitants of the Balkans. A shared Macedonia…

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1931_Gerhard Christoph

‘What language do you speak?’ I asked the peasant… ‘I am a Macedonian,’ he replies, ‘you know, the Serbs maintain that our language is a Serbian dialect, the Bulgarians say that we speak Bulgarian. What can you do about it?’

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1885.01.09_The Pall Mall Budget, Pg. 26

We wonder how many Macedonians — real Macedonians — attended the so-called Macedonian meeting recently held in opposition to the cause of Macedonian emancipation in Athens. Possibly one, probably none…But all the distinguished phil- Hellenists in the world, backed by…

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1938_Andre Vaillant – ‘The Problem of the Macedonian Slav’, Bulletein of the Linguistic Society of Paris, Vol. 39, 2 (No. 116), Pg. 195

The concept of ‘Macedonian Slavic’ is confusing only for those who want it to be. Macedonian Slavic is to such an extent a reality that there existed in the nineteenth century a Macedonian literary language, the language of a quite…

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1770_John Cook – ‘Voyages and Travels Through the Russian Empire’, Pg. 265

My place by the sea hospital was now filled up by a physician, a Macedonian, who had studied at Padua: He told me that in the year 1739, the last year of the Turkish War, his countrymen, the Macedonian Christians,…

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1924_Pupil’s Father in Macedonia

Don’t expect from me that I feel myself to be a Serb. The Bulgarians have put it into my head for an eternity that I am a Bulgarian. The only thing that I can now say is that I am…

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1921_Paul S. Mowrer, Balkanized Europe, Pg. 193

They are fiery eyed men… who live for nothing else than Macedonia, and who, if they thought all hope of freeing it were lost, would scarcely hesitate, like passionate and despairing lovers, to destroy themselves, life having lost for them…

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1881_Valentine Chirol – ‘Twixt Greek and Turk’, Pgs. 37-38

Northwards into Macedonia pure Greeks are no longer to be found. All the communities which are included under that designation are Wallachs; or Romounoi, as they call themselves – Greco-Wallachs, as they are called by the Hellenes.

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1899_Leon Lamouche – ‘The Balkan Peninsula’, Pg. 21

In Macedonia, the nationality of the Slavs, who form the great majority of the population, has been, especially since 1878, the object of passionate discussions between the Serbs and the Bulgarians who claim each for his race, the totality of…