1933.01.16_Time Magazine – Sister Catherine is a good Macedonian

1933.01.16_Time Magazine - Sister Catherine is a good Macedonian

Bulgaria: Good Macedonian

For six years Sister Catherine Konstantinoff, 26, has been a nurse in Alexander Hospital, Sofia. Renowned for herdevotion, her skill, her quiet bedside manner, not long ago she was promoted to ward matron. Sister Catherine is a good Macedonian. . . .

Fortnight ago Christo Trojanoff and Ivan Petroff, also Macedonians, strolled past the Royal Palace in hunting clothes, equipped with rifles, hunting dogs, pistols and bombs. They were hunting editors, in particular Editor Simeon Eftimoff, leader of the Mikhailoffist faction of Macedonians which has been bitterly opposed by followers of the late General Protogeroff for reasons of which even other Bulgarians are none too certain. Across the street stepped Editor Eftimoff and his two bodyguards.

Inside the palace at that instant Little Tsar Boris and Alexander Malinoff, president of the assembly, were trying to pick a successor for Premier Nicolas Mouscha-noff. just resigned. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! A volley of shots rattled the tall windows. His Majesty and his minister scampered to the tall portieres just in time to see the hunting dogs, yelping furiously, disappear in the distance while the hunters, the editor and his bodyguards blazed blindly away. Out from their sentry hutches dashed the royal guards to open fire on both parties indiscriminately. A policeman and a window watcher in the War Department were shot dead. Editor Eftimoff died of his wounds. Sixty shots were fired and eight people wounded before police reserves broke up the engagement.

Assassin Petroff was taken to jail, Assassin Trojanoff, gravely wounded, went to Alexander Hospital. There last week his troubles seemed to be over. Two policemen guarded the end of the ward. Competent Sister Catherine Konstantinoff moved quietly among the beds. Late at night she paid a last visit to the ward. She bent over Christo Trojanoff, smoothed his pillow, patted his head, then pulled a pistol from under her apron and blew his brains out.

“As a good Macedonian,” said she, “I could not hesitate.”


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