1500+_Нострадамус за Македонија и Македонците

Вероучение - Поука 03

Нострадамус во своите пишувани дела повеќе пати ја спомнал Македонија. При тоа без поврзување со Хелас. Дури и повеќе од тоа, споменува Македонец – Македонци, што ја негира современата грчка теорија дека споменувањето на Македонија призлегува само како земјописен, а не и како народносен поим.


Quatrains – Century II

Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night
Near the end and beginning of the Rhone:
Famine, steel: the relief provided late,
Persia turns to invade Macedonia.

Quatrains – Century IX

And fair Ferdinand will be detached,
To abandon the flower, to follow the Macedonian:
In the great pinch his course will fail,
And he will march against the Myrmidons.

The entry at Blaye for La Rochelle and the English,
The great Macedonian will pass beyond:
Not far from Agen will wait the Gaul,
Narbonne help beguiled through conversation.

The Macedonian to pass the Pyrenees mountains,
In March Narbonne will not offer resistance:
By land and sea he will carry on very great intrigue,
Capetian having no land safe for residence.

The horrible plague Perinthus and Nicopolis,
The Peninsula and Macedonia will it fall upon:
It will devastate Thessaly and Amphipolis,
An unknown evil, and from Anthony refusal.

The enemies very far from the fort,
The bastion brought by wagons:
Above the walls of Bourges crumbled,
When Hercules the Macedonian will strike.

Quatrains – Century X

The great conflict that they are preparing for Nancy,
The Macedonian will say I subjugate all:
The British Isle in anxiety over wine and salt,
“Hem. mi.” Philip two Metz will not hold for long.

In the time of mourning the feline monarch
Will make war upon the young Macedonian:
Gaul to shake, the bark to be in jeopardy,
Marseilles to be tried in the West a talk.


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