Yane Sandanski

Јане Сандански

• 1904 •

We do not want a Bulgarian Macedonia, but rather a Macedonia
for the Macedonians, a Macedonia that is free from tyranny.


• 1912 •

I will drink to a free and autonomous Macedonia, for which the
united Balkan nations fought and suffered so much.

• 1908_L’Italia all’Estro •

Macedonians will free Macedonia without the interference of neighboring countries: In Macedonia there should be neither Bulgars, nor Greeks, Serbs, Romanians, or Turks — only Macedonians!

• 1913 •

You can see how these gentlemen treat the issue of autonomy; it
would be distasteful to speak of independence for Macedonia in
their presence in such circumstances. When the ‘liberators’
declared war on the Ottomans, not many Macedonians had
realized that the destiny of their fatherland had already been
decided without their knowledge or consent. Macedonians
assumed the war would be fought to liberate and create an
independent Macedonian state. It was forbidden to speak and
write about Macedonia in Bulgaria, especially about its
independence and today’s situation is a result of such politics.
When Albania became independent and began to establish its
statehood, Macedonia was condemned to be divided and
destroyed which of course is beginning to happen.