Boris Sarafov

Вероучение - Поука 03

•  ‘The Macedonian Agitation’ (1901) •

We young people have therefore been endeavoring for some
years past to separate the Macedonian cause from Bulgarian
domestic politics. If the rulers of the Principality now declare that
they cannot tolerate us as a State within the State, it shows that we
have at least succeeded in emancipating ourselves from the
pernicious influence of the Bulgarian government. It is only
because we are no longer disposed to sacrifice ourselves for this
or that party, and regard the liberation of Macedonia as a
question of honor for the entire people, that the Bulgarian
Government is persecuting us.


• 1903.03.14 •

We have already repeatedly declared that this is a question not of
nationality, but of humanity. In its solution the Macedonians,
who are fighting with an utter disregard for death, are alone
entitled to speak, and to no other voice should Europe lend her
ear, if she really means to regard the matter as a question of


•  Quote in ‘Macedonian Voice’ 1913-1914  •

Macedonia and the Macedonians

We the Macedonians, are no Serbs nor Bulgarians, but simply Macedonians. The Macedonian People is existent independent of the Bulgarian or Serb People. We have sympathies with both of them, Bulgarians and Serbs; who will help our freedom fight, to them we will say thank you, but damn Bulgarians and Serbs forget that Macedonia is so precious for the Macedonians.