Dimitrija Chupovski (1913)

Димитрија Чуповски

During the whole 30 years of its existence as a state, Bulgaria has
carried out an anti-Macedonian policy. Flattering and attracting
the Macedonians to its side, at the same time it persecuted them
with ferocity and hatred and strove to destroy in them any idea of
an autonomous Macedonia; while doing so, the Bulgarians did
not shrink from using any means. Thus, in 1888, the Bulgarian
Government destroyed the ‘Macedonian Literary Society’ under
the presidency of Georgi Pulevski … Two years later, in that
same Sofia, the Bulgarian Government closed the evening
schools, specially opened for the emigrant Macedonian
craftsman, and the heads of those schools, Macedonian patriots
– Damjan Gruev, Delchev, Petre Pop Arsov and many others –
were expelled from Bulgaria.