Kosta Shahov

Коста Шахов (1888.11.11)

•  •  •

But don’t you believe for one minute that the revolutionaries are
working towards an autonomous Macedonia that would, in the
end, be incorporated into Bulgaria. God Forbid! That will never
be…All of us Macedonians, no matter where we are, no matter
how educated we are, none will allow Macedonia to be
incorporated into any other…Instead, we will work towards
incorporating other provinces to her. We, the intelligentsia, were
educated by the Russians, Romanians, Serbs and
Bulgarians…However, none of us will become slaves to any of
these and at any cost. Instead, they will immediately go to their
own flock, as we too have done…We have a glorious element,
and our people is resilient. And once Macedonia gains
autonomy, then Bulgaria will sooner become Macedonian rather
than Macedonia – Bulgarian. We have a real chance for that to
occur…In Bulgaria, the highest positions are held by
Macedonians…without question, when the time comes, today’s
notables, Macedonian by nationality, will come over to us and
Bulgaria will be Macedonian…We believe this will be so sooner
or later…Macedonia will be a state and she will look towards
drawing other states in a union as cantons and, that way, she will
be powerful country.


•  1900~ •

Our fatherland Macedonia has her own history about her past,
where one can see her might, glory, as well as her political
subjugation under the rule of the then mighty Turkish
Empire…Today, every Macedonian, when he mentions the
name Aleksandar Makedonski, says: We once had King
Alexander the Great. With those words he reminds oneself of
the brightest period and glory of the Macedonian State.
Aleksandar Makedonski stands before every Macedonian as
national pride.