-VMRO (United), (1935)

Вероучение - Поука 03

The Greeks call us ‘Slavophone Greeks’ and the Serbs ‘true
Serbs’. Why? So as to justify their rule and their oppressive
aspirations toward Macedonia. The Bulgarian chauvinists act in
the same way. They exploit the relationship between the
Macedonians and the Bulgarians and characterize us as an
‘indivisible section of the Bulgarian nation.’ The Bulgarian
imperialists have always aspired to conquer and enslave
Macedonia, not liberate it…We must state it so that all hear, that
we are not Serbs, nor Greeks, nor Bulgarians. We are
Macedonians, a separate Macedonian nation. Only in this way
can we best defend the independence of our movement and our
right for an independent Macedonian state.

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  1. Short and Clear. And the Bulgarians claim that Macedonians were created by TITO in 1945. You nailed them with so many original and unique proves and facts on this website. God Bless you borthers!

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