1920.11_Arthur Bullard – ‘The Sore Spot of Europe’

1920.11_Arthur Bullard - 'The Sore Spot of Europe'

In the central stretches of the Balkans, Macedonia, the people
spoke practically the same Slavic dialect, but did not line up
sharply with either of the rival nationalities.

• • •

A struggle to control Macedonia set in, which was one of the
saddest pages in church history. Serb, Greek, Bulgar, prelates,
school teachers, bandits, set out to make Macedonians join their

• • •

There is no evidence of any large migrations of Greeks into
Macedonia or the more distant parts of the Balkans.

The modern Greeks are no more the pure strain of Pericles than
the Macedonians are ethnically clear descendants of Phillip of

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