2010.12.31_EC, European University Institute

Во извештај од Европскиот Универзитетски Институт доставен до Европската Комисија меѓу другите потиснувани малцинства во Грција се спомнува и македонското малцинство.


„… Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses in Greece

Apart from the above officially recognised minority, there is a Slav-speaking population of northwestern Greece, widely known along Greece as Slav-Macedonians. These latter had mobilised politically in the 1990s, raising claims of cultural and linguistic recognition. During the last decade however the issue has largely disappeared from the public debate. In any case, the Greek state has so far refused to recognise officially this group as a minority and to satisfy any of the claims of the Slavspeaking activists molilised. …“

Anna Triandafyllidou, Ifigeneia Kokkali
European University Institute


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