1901_Les Reforms

Вероучение - Поука 03

The salvation of the Balkan peoples is in the autonomy of
Macedonia. Macedonians want this autonomy because they see it
as a solid guarantee for the peace, tranquility and fraternal life of
the inhabitants of the Balkans. A shared Macedonia would be
the source of countless misfortunes, an autonomous Macedonia
would be a hotbed of civilization, the rendezvous of the noble
and peaceful emulations in the way of work and intellectual
culture. If Macedonia acquires its autonomy, all nationalist
hatreds that gnaw it will be extinguished, and the small Balkan
states that groan under the weight of their financial crises, can
finally emancipate themselves from their harmful rivalries and
devote themselves to a beneficial labor for their prosperity. What
misfortunes could be spared if the Balkan peoples considered
the Macedonian question as it is by the Macedonians themselves.