1941.12_Proclamation of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party

Вероучение - Поука 03

Macedonians! Today, as before, you have no political or cultural
freedom. While the Serbian officials did not allow you to call
yourselves Macedonians and persecuted those who disobeyed,
now the Bulgarian fascists and chauvinists force you to call
yourselves Macedonian Bulgarians, also persecuting those who
say they are Macedonians. They represent your leaders and
fighters from the past, such as Goce Delcev, Pere Tosev, Gorce
Petrov, Jane Sandanski and Dimo H. Dimov, completely as
Bulgarian chauvinists and fascists…What a disgusting desecration
of the memory of your great apostles! What a filthy distortion
and falsification of the Macedonian struggle for freedom!

• • •

If you dare to call yourselves Macedonians, they hunt you down
and beat you, you cannot get a job, let alone a pass. You are not
allowed to speak the Macedonian language in the institutions and
any conversation in Macedonian is noted down as Serbophile.
The whole history of the Macedonian people, its culture and
struggles, are distorted by the Bulgarian fascists and chauvinists
against the will and protests of the Bulgarian working people, in
the same way as the chauvinist advocates of a Greater Serbia
dealt with the subject until recently, against the wishes and
protests of the Serbian working masses and of the highly
educated progressive elements among our Serbian brothers.