2022.09.08_Macedonian Independence Day, Ohio

At the request of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), the Governor of the State of Ohio declared September 8th as Macedonian Independence Day.


“Whereas, on September 8, 1991, Macedonia gained its independence from Yugoslavia and became a sovereign parliamentary democracy; and

Whereas, when the referendum on Macedonian independence was held in 1991, about 76% of its citizens participated, and more than 96% voted for; and

Considering that Macedonia is the only Yugoslav successor state that gained its independence in a peaceful way; and

Whereas, Macedonia is a young country but an old civilization, with archaeological evidence pointing to ancient Macedonians living in the region between 7000 and 3500 BC; and

Whereas, today, Ohio is home to more than 100.000 Americans of Macedonian descent; and

Whereas, among the leanest Macedonian-Americans in Ohio were the Kirajieff brothers, Tom and Jeff, who in 1922 used recipes from their parents and grandparents to found Cincinnati Chili, which was named one of America’s 20 Most Iconic Foods in 2013 by the Smithsonian Museum, and

Whereas, the Kirajieff brothers owned and operated Cincinnati’s Empress Chili Restaurant, which closed in 1979 when Tom’s son Joe retired and sold the restaurant, and

Whereas, Macedonian Independence Day in Ohio will be celebrated with a ceremony at the Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. Clement of Ohrid in Avon and a festival at the Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God in Reynoldsburg, and

NOW, THEREFORE, we, Mike DeWine and John Husted, Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Ohio, recognize

MACEDONIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY on this September 8, 2022, it says in his announcement. “


Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio/Photo: Vivien McClain Photography


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