1881.09.18_The New York Times – Macedonian brigands

1881.09.18_The New York Times - Macedonian brigands


Постоеле два типа македонски четници. Едни прави четници кои се држеле до збор и други кои се занимавале со разбојништво и Грците ги нарекувале ‘овчокрадци’.

Macedonian Brigands.—There are two
distinct classes of these men who earn their
livelihood by pillage, robbery, and, if necessa-
ry, murder, viz.: the brigand proper, who
very often, notwithstanding his bad reputa-
tion, possesses one or two good qualities,
among which may be mentioned his strong
sense of honor as regards keeping his word
after giving it, and an inferior kind of robber
who is called by a Greek word signifying
“sheep-stealer,” and who lives by committing
petty larcenies or intimidating,perhaps killing,
poor villagers and small land-owners, but has
neither the pluck nor the organization to make
any grand coup, such as carrying off a Euro-
pean or some wealthy merchant. To show in
what contempt this latter class is held, I may
state that no greater insult can be offered to
the brigand proper than that of applying to
him the epithet of sheep-stealer, (kleptodalos.)
—The Cornhill Magazine.

The New York Times
Published: September 18, 1881
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