1903.01.31_The New York Times – Turks Defeat Macedonians

1903.01.31_The New York Times - Turks Defeat Macedonians

Result of the First Encounter of Op-
posing Forces in Albania.
CONSTANTINOPLE. Jan. 30.— A detach-
ment of Turkish troops has defeated a
strong band of Macedonians near Lake
Okhrida. Albania.
The Russian Embassy is actively occupied
with preparing for presentation to the
Porte the Austro-Russian scheme for the
i improvement of Macedonia.
Events in Macedonia are being keenly
watched by the Russian military authori-
ties. Orders have been given to the. Com-
missariat to be prepared for eventualities.
Sporting Editor of The New York
Tribune Expires Suddenly.
George E. Stackhouse, sporting editor of
The Tribune, died yesterday noon at his
home, 418 Third Street. Brooklyn, after an
illness of less than forty-eight hours, from
aertte indigestion. He suffered a severe
attack of the same nature about two years
ago. but had been in his usual health since
then until Wednesday night, when ho com-
plained of feeling ill. Thursday morning
he grew worse, but his death was not re-
ported uniil a short time before it occurred.
Mr. Stackhouse was born in Louisville.
Ky.. forty-two years ago. and came to this
city in 1S72. ʌt the age of fifteen he went
to The Tribune as an office boy, and by
his native cleverness and industry soon
showed his usefulness, ʌt the time of his
death he had been attached to the staff of
The Tribune for twenty-seven years, the
greater part of this time as sporting editor,
a position which he held at the time he died.
There were few bettor known writ-
ers on sporting topics in this coun-
try than Mr. Stackhouse. His versa-
tility in these lines was remarkable,
and upon baseball. cy ling. track an-1
field athletics, and automobillng ho was a
recognized aiithorɪtv. In the days when
John B. Dav and Edward Talcott con-
trolled the New York Baseball Club Mr.
Stackhouse was for several years Secretary
oɪ this club, and remained in intimat“ touch
with most of the men prominently identiɪlrd
with the management of the National game.
He was one of the first to foresee the grer*;
future of cycling, was active in the organ-
ization of the League of American Wheel-
men and was a member of the National
Racing Board of that organization. He was
an occasional contributor on sporting sub-
jects to periodical publications, and at lie
time of his death was in charge «»i rhe
sporting ckpartments of Leslie’s Weekly
and Vim. To all his work he brought a
cheerful enthusiasm that ɔʌ’as ronuiulou>
and an optimism that was inspiring.
Ilir. Stackhouse was one of the organizers
of the old Quill Club Wheelman. and was
a member of the Press Chib, with which
that organization was consolidated.
was also a member of St. John’s Lodge, .\o.
1, Ancient York Masons. He leaves a wid-
ow and two daughters.

The New York Times
Published: January 31, 1903
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