1903.09.16_The New York Times – The Macedonian massacres

1903.09.16_The New York Times - The Macedonian massacres
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Писмо испратено до уредникот на Њу Јорк Тајмс.


Творецот на писмото прави споредба со злосторствата извршени од царска Русија во Кишињев на кои дипломатски се реагирало и ги споредува со злосторствата на ‘крволочните, брутални, немилосрдни’ Турци во Македонија. Мизериите на илјадниците христијани кои се секојдневно касапени. Се прашува – какви се тоа сцени на грабеж, холокауст и ние сѐ уште стоиме мирно. При тоа настаните во Кишињев ги смета за далеку поблаги отколку злоделата во Битола (Манастир) затоа повикува дека нешто треба да се стори за да не дојде до повторување на ерменските колежи.


To th$ Editor of The Xeie York Times:
After the bloodthirstiness of the Russians
at Klshineff had been satiated, after their
work of murder, of mutilation, of outrage,
had been completed—even before the cry of .
the victims had made Itself heard—we lib- ‘
erty-breathing Americans had commenced
to frame a memorial to send to the Czar,
an expression of our opinion, a prayer
from our hearts. It Is true that the peti-
tion was rejected, but we nevertheless put
ourselves on record as having protested
against such barbarities, and our con-
sciences were to that extent soothed.
I am a Jew, and ɪ think that I speak on
behalf of all those of the same faith when
I say I shudder at the atrocities bein^ per-
petrated in Macedonia. What a picture
that will be for posterity to look upon, to
behold the carnage that is to-day being
enacted by the ferocious, brutal, pitiless
Turk! The miseries of those thousands of
Christians daily slaughtered! What a scene
of pillage, what a holocaust, and we stand-
ing here idle!
Are our expressions of horror regulated
by our fears of ** complications ”? It would
seem so, and yet Klshineff compared with
Monastlr is like San Juan and Gettysburg.
Something should be done, and done be-
fore we have a repetition of the Armenian
I massacres. HARUSPEX.
New York, Sept. 14, 1003. # I
Published: September 16, 1903
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