1903.11.18_The New York Times – Macedonians not quelled

1903.11.18_The New York Times - Macedonians not quelled
Новинската вест зборува за Борис Сарафов кој навестува дека доколку не се подобрат условите во Македонија напролет повторно ќе биде подигнато востание. Оние краеви кои се уништени после востанието не би можеле, но во другите делови силите се зачувани. Оружјето и муницијата се чува на сигурно во планините и извесна помала група на единици чека да го обнови востанието ако е потребно.
Boris Sarafoff Says They Will Rist .
Again If Conditions Are Not’
London Times—New York Times 1
Special Cablegram.
LQNDON, Nov. 18.—The correspondent
of The Times at Sofia telegraphs an in-
terview which he has had with Boris
Sarafoff, The young man, who is under
thirty years of age, bears traces of the
hardships which he has undergone dur-
ing the past nine months, but his health \
does not appear to have been impaired. . ’
He has fought twenty battles with the
Turks, has lost several trusted lieuten-. ,.,
ants, and has had several narrow es-
capes. Frequently he was compelled to
fight his way with his band through
cordon of the enemy. He says that the, ,.
hostilities which have been suspended §
will not be resumed in the Spring if the
powers produce an improvement of con-
ditions in Macedonia. _ .
AL the same time, he is not sanguine
about the Austro-Russian scheme.: He ‘-
says that a number of small bands re-
main in the mountains of Macedonia
prepared to renew the insurrection if
necessary. While this will not be possi-
ble in the districts which were devas-
tated this year, many other districts, es-
pecially in Central Macedonia, are com- .
paratively intact and would be ready to
rise next Spring.
All the rifles and ammunition required
are deposited in safe hiding places in the % J

The New York Times
Published: November 18, 1903
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