1915.09.21_The New York Times – Bulgaria anger allies and Balkans

1915.09.21_The New York Times - Bulgaria anger allies and Balkans

Is Mobilizing Macedonians Before That Territory Actually Has Been Ceded to Her.
Reply to Earlier Note of Quadruple Alliance Demanded “ at Earliest
territory*, and in effect ^asking Bulgaria what she purposed doing as a result of the concessions.
Now. however, the diplomatic outline continued, before giving an answer, Bulgaria assumes that she is master of Macedonia, and begins the mobilization of Macedonian residents—that is, she assumes control of Macedonia be-ɪore stating what she is willing to do for the Allies in return for such control. This, the diplomatic authority pointed out. gives the situation a new phase, which may call for another note from the Allies in addition to that of last wcelv. asking an explanation of the Macedonian mobilization at the moment when the Allies are negotiating terms by which Bulgaria may secure the recession of Macedonia.
It is understood that the Allies’ joint note of last week was accompanied by a verbal request to M. Radoslavoff, the Bulgarian Premier, for a reply •* at the earliest possible date.**
Possible Date/’ Paris Hears. —
PARIS. Sept. 20.—Dispatches from Sofia. Bulgaria, announcing the mobilization there of troops made up of residents of Macedonia, have caused another complication to be introduced in the Balkan situation, which already was tense, through the presentation by the Entente Allies of the joint note requiring Bulgaria to define her attitude.
The mobilization of Macedonians has caused surprise and indignation in official and diplomatic circles here, as it Is declared that the whole purpose of the present negotiations between the Allies and Bulgaria and Serbia is to determine whether Macedonia belongs to Bulgaria or Serbia. That Bulgaria should mobilize Macedonians while the future of Macedonia was still at issue is declared in the highest Serbo-Greek quarters to be an affront to the Allies and the other Balkan States. One of the legations that Is taking part in the negotiations outlined the situation today as follows:
Bulgaria demanded from Serbia the re-cession of Macedonia as an essential condition to Bulgaria’s joining the other Balkan States and co-operating with the Entente Allies. The latter took up Bulgaria’s claims and presented them to Serbia in joint notes. Serbia, after mature consideration, yielded to the desires of th© Allies and conceded virtually nine-tenths of the territory in Macedonia demanded by Bulgaria. The only portion of Macedonia not conceded was a small section which was considered essential to Serbia’s military defenses, but these concessions of Macedonian territory were made in order that Bulgaria give something in return, namely. her co-operation with the Balkan States and the Allies. The Allies therefore handed Bulgaria a joint note last week reciting Serbia’s concessions of nine-tenths of the disputed Macedonian
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