1919.08.16_The Times – Macedonian Appeal To Paris, pg6

1919.08.16_The Times - Macedonian Appeal To Paris, pg6

Sir,—At this moment, while the Peace Conference is occupied with tho solution of the Balkan problems, wo two million Macedonians are anxiously awaiting a just and equitable settlement of the Macedonian question.
It was from tho Balkans that, in 1914, issued the spark which set the world on fire. The precarious condition ip Macedonia is tho chief cause of the conflict among the Balkan States. Our neighbours tiro doing all they can to become masters of our unhappy land and tho greatest misfortunes of the Macedonian population aro due to that sinister antagonism. We arc neither belligerents nor responsible for the faults of tho Balkan diplomats, who in the past have been juggling with the destiny of Macedonia.
We earnestly beg that the Peace Conference pay no heed to the intrigues of Balkan diplomacy, and that it shall not permit the dismemberment of our ‘country; that it annul the fatal Bukarest Treaty of 1913. and create Macedonia an independent State under the disinterested protectorate of one pf the Great Powers., Such a radical solution will assure to all tho inhabitants, without distinction of race, language, or religion, free political and economical development, and will put an end to the jealousy and conflicts of the Balkan States. An independent Macedonia would serve as a connecting link between thoso States aud would prepare the way for the establishment of a Balkan Confederation.
Relying on the fulfilment of the noble principles of the Great Powers of the Ehtente, the General Council of the Macedonian Societies in Switzerland—. representing the Macedonians in Switzerland and those in the United States of America ; constituting an organized body of 50,000 young men, corresponding with over 260.000 people in Macedonia ; being also in a position freely to express the wishes of tlie majority of our countrymen—entreats the Supreme Peace Tribunal to make a just and lasting solution of the Macedonian question. For the realization of such a solution we beg of the Conference : —
1. As the condition of things in Macedonia to-day is unbearable, the country to be immediately oe-cupted by troops of the Great (and disinterested) Allied Powers, in order that an end may be put to the martyrdom of our brothers and sisters, who are groaning under an alien yoke, and in order that the application of the principle of self-determination means ot a plebiscite be guaranteed.
2. To allow-delegates of the Macedonians to come to Paris in order to formulate before the Peace Conference the desires of the Macedonian people..
3. To permit tho Macedonian refugees^scattered abroad to return to their homes and give themselves over to their peaceful pursuits.
Firmly believing in tno efforts of the framers of the Peace Conference to introduce a durable peace in the Near East, and thus become benefactors also of Macedonia, we remain
Your most obedient servants, Tfte General Council op тде Macedonian Societies in Switzerland,
B. L. BOYADJIEFf, Secretary.

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