1923.04.17_The London Times – “Macedonia for the Macedonians”, p13

1923.04.17_The London Times - "Macedonia for the Macedonians", p13

SOFIA, April 15.
This morning an immense demonstration was made in Sofia on behalf of the Macedonians in Serbia. At least forty thousand persons, constituting 20 per cent, of the population of Sofia, took part in a procession which passed through the main streets of the town. Thirty-two different organizations, each carrying banners bearing the words Macedonia for the Macedonians ” marched in the procession. Many speeches were made outside the Sobranye, but the meeting was perfectly orderly.
All the speakers made hostile references to Serbian rule in Macedonia, and declared that the Serbs were terrorizing the entire Macedonian population. Several orators also attacked the Bulgarian-Serb pourparlers conducted at Nish.
This afternoon the Macedonians will hand written protests to the Bulgarian Government and to the representatives of the three Great Powers. It is interesting to note that M. Bakitch, the Serbian Minister here, followed the meeting from beginning to end.