1924.03.05_The London Times – 140 Macedonians arrested, p13

1924.03.05_The London Times - 140 Macedonians arrested, p13

(from our own correspondent.)
SOFIA, March 3.
Last night the Government arrested in Sofia 40 and at Kustendil 100 Macedonians known either to belong to or to be in close sympathy with the revolutionary organization. The taking of such a step had been discussed for a considerable time, but it was always i doubted if it would be put into execu- | tion. The Macedonians are surprised. and indignant.
The motive which has prompted the I Government to carry out the arrests ɪ is fear of the threats of the Yugoslav ; Government, wliich public opinion here believes may be followed by armed action. For the last few days a distinct I feeling of nervousness has been apparent ! and many rumours have been in the ; air. In the circumstances the action j of the Government may produce a good effect, although the internal political situation is such that nothing can be clearly predicted.
The Agrarian Ministers Tomoff, Tour-lakoff, and Manuloff (recently released), who formed the moderate wing of the Stambulisky Cabinet, will probably assume the leadership of the Agrarian Party, and may look for collaboration among political elements dissatisfied with the democratic entente. Foremost among these are the Socialists, part of the Radicals, and a section of the Democrats under the former Prime Minister, M. Malinoff.
Meanwhile the Government has telegraphed to M. Liaptcheff (a Macedonian and former Minister), who is at present in London, requesting him to return as soon as possible. The likelihood of a political crisis during this month must not be disregarded.