1949.03.17_Canberra Times – Soviets seeks overthrow of Tito, p01

1949.03.17_Canberra Times - Soviets seeks overthrow of Tito, p01

„… The Canberra Times, Thursday 17 March 1949, page 1
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Refugees from Agoslavia. quoted by the AmerfcJh Associated Press. say that &e portiin-form is intensifying It* pressure on Yugoslavia from wfthln and without.
Bulgarian and Rumanmn bands are repotted to be dradm up in seven divisions along the Albanian-Macedonian frontiers while within Yugoslavia anti-Tito bands have been formed and am hiding in the forests.
A mixed division of emigrants from Montenegro, with Albanians and Macedonians, has boon formed at Scutari under the command of General Spira. >
The correspondent adds that, according to his informants, Mar- < shal Tito is well award of his danger and has replied by. purging >.000 oAeera from his army, besides suspected administrative officials.
Diplomatic quarters in tendon were sceptical about iS|uiU of impending military movements In Cominfbrm countries фИ also that talks were to begin between TKo and the Western Powers.
A Foreign OtBoe spokesman ■aid that reports that Tito was to meet Western representatives on the Island of Drioni. wore plain to those with discerning eyes.