2005_Tome Boshevski, Aristotel Tentov – ‘Tracing the script and language of ancient Macedonians’, Skopye (pdf)

Вероучение - Поука 03

Abstract: This study presents the results of research realized within the project “Deciphering the Middle Text of the Rosetta Stone. ”
It is concluded that a syllabic script of the type consonantvowel was used for the middle text of the Rosetta Stone. Symbols for 25 consonants were identified. By using the procedure of mirroring and rotation in the writing surface (plain), a monosemic (unambiguous) way was determined for connecting the symbol of consonant with 4 or 8 vowels. Although rarely used, the symbols for writing isolated vowels and some consonants were identified. In the analyzed text, the syllabic signs were not only written next to each other, but also they were often written one above the other in the form of what are known as ligatures. A small number of pictographic symbols were also identified.