2020_Emma Nicholson – ‘Hellenic Romans and Barbaric Macedonians’

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Македонскиот крал Филип V иако од Хелените наречен „драг“ или „сакан“ затоа што им одел по нивната волја никаде во делата на Полибиј не е наречен Грк.  И колку повеќе ги исполнувал нивните засегања толку повеќе бил споменуван како нивен (иако никогаш не го нарекле Грк). Прифаќањето или отуѓувањето во хеленскиот свет зависело колку работел според нивните желби.


“… efficiency and military prowess, quick intelligence and memory, and personal charm (Plb. 4.77: …άγχίνοια και μνήμη και χάρις…). Moreover, for these early years the young king has been heeding the advice of Aratus of Sicyon – the leader of the Achaean league who had brought about its rise to greatness (2.43.3-10; 5.12.5-8; 7.12-14). Under his tutelage, therefore, Philip followed the path of Hellenism respecting the autonomy and community of his Greek allies (cf. 4.22-24, 76, 85). This Hellenic status is emphasised in a summary of his career in book 7 as Philip is labelled the eromenos (‘darling’ or ‘beloved’) of the Greeks (Plb. 7.11.8; cf. Plut. Arat 49-5).65 While he is never explicitly called ‘Greek’ the acknowledgement of his benefactions to the Greeks, his exhibition of qualities prized among the Greek elite, his association with Aratus and the Achaean League, and this title all effectively assimilate the Macedonian king into the Hellenic community. …”

“… His reluctance or refusal to term the king a barbarian reflects a similar reluctance to call the Romans barbarians in Polybius’ work. There are places where Philip is clearly drawn close to the Greek commune (at the beginning of his reign) – although the king is never called a Greek, just the eromenos of the Greeks. There are also places where Philip is clearly alienated from the Greeks – in fact this is a large part of Polybius’ overall description of the Macedonian. This assimilation and alienation depend on whether the king is working for or against the interests of the Greeks (like the Roman depiction). The lack of Greek or barbarian labels for Philip similarly forces him into a position of cultural ambiguity, and one even fuzzier than that …”


Целото име на книгата е: Emma Nicholson – ‘Hellenic Romans and Barbaric Macedonians: Polybius on Hellenism and Changing Hegemonic Powers’


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