1903_Charles D. Shaw – ‘Stories of the Ancient Greeks’

1903_Charles D. Shaw - 'Stories of the Ancient Greeks'

Chapter: The Greatest Army

„… As this great army marched from Doriscus toward Thermopylae it was joined by soldiers from Thrace, Macedonia, and other nations. Other war galleys were also added to the fleet; so that by land and sea the Persians brought against the Greeks many more than two millions of fighting-men …“


Chapter: Philip of Macedon

„… Macedon, or Macedonia, was a mountainous country lying north of Greece. Its people were not Greeks but their kings claimed to be of the same stock as the Hellenes. One of those kings built roads, erected forts, improved his army, and tried to interest his people in literature and art. He paid Zeuxis, the great artist, to paint beautiful pictures on the inner walls of his palace. Euripides, the famous poet, visited this king, and died at his capital city …

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