1912.10.28_The New York Times – A young woman spy

1912.10.28_The New York Times - A young woman spy

Народносно јасно назначени како Македонци обвинети заради шпиунажа и убиени од страна на бугарските власти.

wife of a Bulgarian officer and whose
sister is married to an officer, was
seen, just before the war broke out,
I taking a train for Constantinople.
I She had declared to a woman friend
that she was going .o Vienna, and, by
a curious chance, this friend saw her
at the station, ‘ going in the opposite
direction. She made some remarks
which were reported to the police, and
the young woman was watched.
It was found on her return that she
was in communication with two Mace-
donians, who were also under suspicion.
and they were arrested. Proofs, it is
said, were found in her house of her
complicity with spies, and she and the ‘
two Macedonians were court-martialed,
sentenced, and immediately shot in the
new prison of the city.
The young woman owned one of the
finest houses on the main street of
Sofia, where her mother also resided.
Two .Macedonians Also Executed
Summarily by the Bulgarians.
Special Cable to The New York Times.
LONDON, Monday, Oct. 28.—The
Sofia correspondent of The Daily Tele-
graph says the Bulgarian authorities
are making short work of the spies I
found in their territory. |
It has just been learned, says the
correspondent, that a wealthy young
woman of Sofia and two Macedonians
have been summarily shot.
The woman, who was the divorced

The New York Times
Published: October 28, 1912
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