1895.04.06_The London Times, p07 – The Macedonian movement

1895.04.06_The London Times, p07 - The Macedonian movement

SOFIA, April 2.
The Macedonian conference continues to hold meetings, but the public have not yet been admitted. It was decided to hold private sittings partly because of the various delicate subjects, including charges against some of the leaders of the movement, which are being investigated, partly because it was thought desirable to avoid provoking remonstrances on the part of Turkey. The principal object of the conference is to promote unity among the various Bulgarian organizations concerned with Macedonia, and with this view it elected as president M. Kitancheff, a leading member of “ The Brotberlv League,” which hitherto has held aloof from discussions. Should a fusion of parties be successfully accomplished, a closing meeting, open to the public, will be held, and the conference will issue a manifesto in the Greek, Roumanian, and Servian languages with the’ hope of obtaining the co-operation of the committees in Athens, Bucharest, and Belgrade. Most of the leaders appear to bo in favour of a strictly moderate programme, and propose to confine the demands to the execution of Article 23 of the Berlin Treaty, which provides for autonomous institutions in Macedonia.—Our Correspondent.