1902.03.22_The New York Times – Serious revolt in Albania

1902.03.22_The New York Times - Serious revolt in Albania

Rebels Said to be Masters of Town of
Yanina—Fighting Between Turkish Troops and Macedonians.
LONDON, March 22.—According to the Rome correspondent of The Daily Mail, the Italian Consul at Yanina, Southern Albania, has sent news of a serious revolution in Albania. The Governor’s palace at Yanina was attacked and several gendarmes were killed. The revolutionists are masters of the town.
The Consul says further serious outbreaks have occurred at Herat, Paramythia, and Avlona. and that the revolution is spreading throughout Albania.
The correspondent of The Morning Deader in Vienna reports a conflict between Turkish troops and .Macedonian revolutionists at Sistova. near Kastor.a. The Turks surrounded the village and overcame the rebels. In the course of the fighting four Macedonians and two Turks were killed and twenty-six of the rebels were wounded.
All the male inhabitants of the village were arrested.

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