1903.01.13_The New York Times – Macedonians will rise

1903.01.13_The New York Times - Macedonians will rise


Revolutionist Chiefs Decide on Re-
bellion on. April 1.
Gen. Michaikowsky Is Told That Diplo-­
macy Will Probably Aid the Rebels.

BERLIN, Jan. 12.—The chiefs of the
Macedonian revolutionary movement in,
Bulgaria have decided, according to a spe-­
cial dispatches from Sofia to the Vossiche
Zeitung, to begin an insurrection April 1.
Gen. Michaikowsky, President of the .
Macedonian Central Committee, recently,
assembled thirty representatives of the Macedonian provincial organizations and
various other influential revolutionists and
submitted to them a report of the results
of his visits to Vienna, Paris and London.
At each place he was told that revolu­
tion and diplomacy must run parallel. Let
the Macedonians first strike for their own
independence and diplomacy might help
| later. He advised a rising April 1 and the
i meeting clamorously supported the proposi-
: tion.
i Boris Sarafoff, the Macedonian leader
! and former President of the Committee, is
: also recruiting for an invasion of Mace­