1896.01.24_The Democrat, Smeth Port PA – An appeal to the czar

1896.01.24_The Democrat, Smeth Port PA - An appeal to the czar

Повик до рускиот цар за како што им помогнал на Бугарите кои без руската помош сѐ уште ќе биле под турско дивјаштво исто така да им се помогнело на Македонците и Ерменците кои сѐ уште не се слободни како Бугарите. Што не било Руска туку е по Англиска вина.


Let uh appeal to the White Czar, in the name of our ancient friend* ship and in the uɑuae of outraged Christendom, to play the part of redeemer and deliverer.’ He has both the power and the will. For • {nonthe he baa had an army cantoned on lliu edge of the Ottoman frontier; let him give the word, and in a week his legions will have oe- • copied the region in which Atfieri« • can miHKiODariuH and the remnant of Armenian Christians stand ex poBed to extirpation. From what Russia hue done for Christians in the past, we can judge tvhat ehe would be glud to do in u yet more burrowing emergency. ‘But for her the Bulgarians would ba stiil the victims of Turkish savagery; and it is not Rusaiu’s fault, but England’e, thut the Macedonians and Lbe Ar meaiana are not to day аз prosper-ous aiijd ʃɪθθ ав. the Balgariaoa,— , New York Sun.
””»МЕТПГОВтГрА.. JAN. 21. l’$VC- …

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