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-0200+ « 1869_Arthur de Gobineau – ‘Histoire des Perses’

Macedonians were by no means Greek. They were neither by race, nor by manners, nor by tendencies. Their government was not Hellenic. Their history was analogous to that of the Illyrian, Thracian, and Paeonian peoples, who lived near them, but…

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1886_James G. Minchin – ‘The Growth of Freedom in the Balkan Peninsula’

• Pg. 94 • The language spoken by the majority of the tillers of Macedonian soil is a Slav dialect, which is not Bulgarian…indeed the Macedonian dialect is no more Bulgarian than the Croatian dialect is Bulgarian, though Bulgarian and…

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Dimitar, Kriva Palanka (1848)

I was born a Macedonian … It was written by God for my country to suffer from the Greeks, so they do not give us peace even today.

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Georgi Pulevski – ‘Dictionary of Three Languages’ (1875)

A nation is called a people who are of one kind and who speak the same language and who live and associate with one another and who have the same customs and songs and celebrations – these people are called…

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1903_Routier Gatson – ‘La Macedoine et la question macedonienne’

Macedonia will be independent and the Macedonians will remain Macedonians…What the Macedonians want is autonomy for their country, with the intervention of Europe in their favor. No division, no annexation to another state; Macedonia is unique and to the Macedonians….

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Dimo Hadzhi Dimov

Sometimes around Goce [Delchev] we felt like one, socialists, anarchists and nationalists, because we thought and acted only as Macedonians, everyone next to another and everyone as one.

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1904_Andra Gavrilovic – ‘Brankovo Kolo’ X 17, Pg. 516

This winter a Macedonian theater group, under the direction of Crnodrimski, gave guest performances in Belgrade and certain other cities of the Kingdom of Serbia. It presented original Macedonian dramas in the Macedonian language. In one word, we had attempts…

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1901.04.12_The Times, London, Boris Sarafov

„… Македонците се сметаат себе си за целосно одвоен национален елемент.. ..Македонија мора да има припадне на Македонците …“ It is a grievous error to suppose that we seek to acquire Macedonia on behalf of Bulgaria. We Macedonians consider ourselves…

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1915 « 1922_J. Abraham A, (Foreign Consul in Skopje) « J. Abraham – ‘in My Balkan Log’, Pgs. 137, 138

The average Macedonian is neither Serb, nor Greek, nor Bulgar.

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Katerina Tsilka (1901)

Very soon a man emerged from a pile of branches and came near us. He looked nervous and confused and hesitated in his speech. ‘Please,’ I said, ‘Tell us, are you Christian bandits of Turks?’ ‘Oh,’ he said ‘We are…

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1871.01.18_Petko Slaveykov – ‘The Macedonian Question’

We have heard other arguments as well. Certain Macedonians consider themselves as separate from the Bulgarians for another reason, for the reason that they are pure Slavs and that the Bulgarians are Tatars.

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1920_Douglas Walshe – ‘With the Serbs in Macedonia’ Pg. 188

Language difficulties never daunt a British Tommy, not even modern Greek or Macedonski. … He is picturesque and peaceable, he works hard in his fields, and in a large number of cases speaks ‘Macedonski’, which the Serbs call Serbian and…