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1922_Edmond Bouchie de Belle – ‘La Macedoine et les Macedoniens’, 80, IV, 303, Paris

In the district of Ostrovo/Bitola, nine times out of ten these people, despite being the subject of dispute by three adjoining countries – Serbia, Bulgarian and Greece – would reply in response to the question as to their nationality that…

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1869_Saint Paul, Volume 2, Pg. 111

Gloomy and grave, the Macedonian peasant has none of the braggadocio and trifling spirit of the Hellenic peasant. The women, beautiful and chaste, work in the fields like the men…They are a good, strong race, laborious, sedentary, loving their country,…

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1926.04_R.A. Gallop – ‘Conditions in Macedonia’

• 1926.04.19 • The Macedonian Slavs considered and called themselves ‘Makedonci’. • 1926.04.26 • Those people whom I had met were insistent on calling themselves neither Serbs nor Bulgars, but Macedonians. There seemed to be no love lost for the…

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Goce Delchev

While my shoulder carries a gun, Macedonia is beyond the reach of the Bulgarian officer.   • • • We Macedonians have many enemies, and must combat them all, wherever they come from. In the first place the External Committee…

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1919.01.04_Sister Augustine Bewicke

The inhabitants of Macedonia are in the great majority Slavs; they call themselves Macedonians, and what they desire and what we ardently desire for them is an autonomy under European control.

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Bistriski, Fourth Congress of the Macedonian National Association of America, Detroit, Michigan, (1934)

Why are we Macedonians a separate nation? The answer to this question is, more than all others, of great political significance. It is well known how Bulgarian as well as Serbian and Greek imperialism deny the existence of the Macedonian…

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1871_Petko Slaveykov

We have many times heard from the Macedonists that they are not Bulgarians but Macedonians, descendants of the Ancient Macedonians.

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1906_Mihailo Markovich, Moje Uspomene, Pg. 316

I asked him if he was a Bulgarian? ‘I’m not.’ I asked him if he was a Serb, Greek, or perhaps even a Tsintsar. ‘No, I am not. I am a Macedonian from Veles.’

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1902.12_Македонско Ослободително Дело – Дончо Војвода со рускиот вицеконзул

Дончо војвода: „Македонците покрај пушката и Бога, се надева најмногу на Русија“ Во декември 1902 година Тодор Хаџи Тошев од Прилеп публикува еден разговор на рускиот вицеконсул во Пловдив Сергеј Андреевич со македонскиот ајдутин и революционер Дончо војвода од село…

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1500+ « 1958_Ciro Giannelli – ‘Un lexique Macedonien du XVI siecle’

Macedonian Language – 16th Century! Macedonian Language We are proud to present the following historical source to our readers, a priceless document accompanied with analysis that shows how little the Macedonian langauge and vernacular has changed since the Middle Ages….

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1516_H. Bebelius, p168

Турци, Македонци, Ромеи…

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1910.06.18_Evening Star, Washington DC

1910 US newspaper report on the activities of American Protestant missionary Reverend Johh H. House in #Macedonia, lists Macedonians….clearly differentiating them from Greeks & Bulgars Evening Star, Washington DC, June 18, 1910 „… Mr. and Mrs. House have rpent practically…

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1949.03.17_Canberra Times – Soviets seeks overthrow of Tito, p01

„… The Canberra Times, Thursday 17 March 1949, page 1 SOVIET StEKS’ OVERTHROW OF TITO I LONPON, WgtfBttPfty. ÎW twdww ♦У Мипки! TW» b YiyStb *nbsop mnnf « pppiPmIo» Refugees from Agoslavia. quoted by the AmerfcJh Associated Press. say that…

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1947.07.10_Canberra Times – Soviet wants foreign troops out of Greece, p01

„… The Canberra Times, Thursday 10 July 1947, page 1 SOVIET WANTS FOREIGN TROOPS OUT OF GREECE NEW YORK. Wednesday. Asking for the removal of foreign troop* and foreign military personnel from Greece and the setting up of a special…

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1945.09.05_Canberra Times – Yugoslavia warns Greece against mass persecutions, p01

„… The Canberra Times, Wednesday 5 September 1945, page 1 YUGOSLAVIA WARNS GREECE AGAINST MASS PERSECUTIONS Г’I * 1 I TuaadgV. The Yugoslav Government has • warned Greece against mass peraecu tions of Macedonians and incidents I on the…